Two Blades Foundation

Supported Projects

In Durable Disease Resistance

2Blades currently supports development programs in laboratories in North and South America, Europe and Australia

2Blades awards funding and other support to carefully evaluated proposals focusing on the pre-commercial development of genetic disease resistance to crop diseases with significant commercial impact or humanitarian consequences.  2Blades puts together and manages integrated programs for developing such resistances through the direct funding of qualified researchers at institutions worldwide and at the 2Blades Laboratory in Norwich, UK.  We aid our collaborators by out-sourcing to contract service organizations as appropriate, as well as by the protection of intellectual property rights, oversight of regulatory issues and out-licensing of traits.  These efforts are undertaken with the goal of producing real outcomes in improved agriculture, while maximizing returns to inventors and generating revenues for further program support.  2Blades intends to commercialize products in revenue-generating developed world markets and to make products available at no cost in least developed countries.

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Project Criteria

In order to most effectively make an impact on crop disease, 2Blades considers a number of criteria to select its programs:

Projects must address a major disease problem of an important commercial or staple crop 
There must be a dearth of conventional breeding solutions 
• There must be a tractable molecular solution for durable resistance 
The development team must be composed of highly experienced scientists
• Resistance should be conferred with a minimum of regulatory and consumer concerns 

Due to our structure as a charitable organization, our policy is to limit overhead allocations on grants to 10% of direct costs.