Dr. Sarah Maria Schmidt has joined the 2Blades Group to seek defenses against Panama Disease of banana.  Dr. Schmidt has been awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship to address Fusarium infection of bananas in the 2Blades Group. As the world’s fourth most important food crop after rice, wheat, and maize, bananas are of great importance to small-scale farmers in the developing countries of the tropics and sub-tropics. Dr. Schmidt strongly believes that we can change the world we live in into the world we want to live in by working together on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Dr. Schmidt is happy to be in the 2Blades Group where she aims to translate her scientific expertise into a solution for Panama Disease to prevent crop losses due to Fusarium and to bring this solution into the hands of subsistence and commercial farmers.  She hopes that achieving this goal will help to contribute to stable incomes for the SDGs of ending poverty and ending hunger.