About 2Blades

We teach crops how to fight more plant diseases

At 2Blades, we pursue a better understanding of plant pathogens and the best solutions to the diseases they cause. The insights we find, which are at times unexpected or difficult to predict, provide new strategies for keeping plants healthy. 

2Blades works to apply these innovations to the breeding of significant crops for commercial and subsistence agriculture. We seek to get these healthier plants into the hands of farmers all over the world, so that farmers can stop losing crops to disease and can grow more efficiently with less need for crop protection chemicals.

Fighting crop disease is an important part of a sustainable system for producing food now and in the future, as the world works to feed more people and conserve our natural resources.

Our History

2Blades was established in 2004 as a 501(c)3 charitable organization to implement practical uses of important innovations in plant science that address the rising incidence of crop disease.  

Remarkable advances have been realized in plant science over the past twenty years, including genome sequencing, molecular marker technologies, and tools for genome engineering.  These advances have vastly improved the understanding of plants and their interaction with pathogens, and they create opportunities for better means of breeding for durable disease resistance.  Yet typically these opportunities have stalled at the basic research stage.

      “Technology transfer from lab bench to marketplace has historically been underdeveloped within the agricultural research enterprise.”  President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, The White House

Working together with world leading scientists in plant-pathogen interactions, 2Blades has scouted and supported the most significant advances in the understanding of plant disease and immunity, as well as enabling technologies to develop disease resistant crops.