Join us in Boston, MA at the International Congress on Plant Pathology on August 3rd at 8.30am for a 2Blades organized session on ‘Advancing disease resistance traits from lab to field’. The theme of the congress is ‘Plant Health in a Global Economy’, and in this session we will discuss the challenges and importance of bringing new crop disease solutions to market. 

The session will feature talks from leaders in the practical application of plant science to develop disease resistance crops:

Dr. Marc Ghislain, International Potato Center

Field performance of a biotech potato with late blight resistance in Uganda

Dr. Leena Tripathi, International Institute for Tropical Agriculture 

Biotechnological Strategies for Control of Banana Xanthomonas Wilt Disease

Dr. Nicolas Champuret, Simplot Plant Sciences

Bringing potato disease resistance traits to market in the US

Dr. Diana Horvath, 2Blades

Developing durable genetic solutions to crop diseases


More information about the session and the conference in general can be found on the ICPP website.

We look forward to seeing you in Boston!