If you are not a grower yourself, you may never have come face to face with crop diseases and the devastation they can cause – from the constant management effort to avoid diseases getting into your crop, to trying to protect your crop with chemicals if it does, to the prospect of significant or total crop failure if those steps don’t work.  These interventions require investments of labor and inputs or may not even be available, so how does one manage?

As part of 2Blades effort to bring these impacts to life, we have produced new, longer length videos to provide more depth to our short clip interviews with farmers

In the new recordings, we talk further with Steven Kasamani and Rose Kaunda, farming in western Kenya, about their families, the specific crops they grow to sustain them, the diseases they contend with, and how diseases effect their ability to farm successfully.

Listen here to Steven, and check back November 11th to hear from Rose.